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Armistice day70Armistice daypoppy field110poppy fieldAh, poppies!35Ah, poppies!big poppies, Louise Noel252big poppies, Louise Noelbig poppies, Peggy Davis210big poppies, Peggy Davisremembrance28remembrancesummer tapestry36summer tapestrypoppies110poppiespoppies quilt110poppies quiltGeorgia O'Keeffe poppies110Georgia O'Keeffe poppiesField of flowers108Field of flowersthread painting252thread paintingmemories of grandmothers garden, Jennifer Lommers110memories of grandmothers garden, Jennifer Lommerspoppies252poppiesbeaded poppies210beaded poppiespoppies108poppiespoppies110poppiesPainted poppies108Painted poppiessecret meeting35secret meetingPoppy field108Poppy field