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Passionflower108Passionflowerpromise of spring49promise of springThe Alnwick rose209The Alnwick roselove in the mist24love in the mistDulcimer35Dulcimerblack-eyed susan48black-eyed susanthree water vases209three water vasesWisley alpine house108Wisley alpine housecrocus in snow, Anne Martens watercolour35crocus in snow, Anne Martens watercolourBalcony112Balconygarden108gardenWooden bench70Wooden benchCampanula56Campanuladry bouquet, Angela Oswald255dry bouquet, Angela Oswaldpyrenean blue thistle (panicaut)108pyrenean blue thistle (panicaut)bouquet110bouquetTulips108TulipsPink chrysanthemums108Pink chrysanthemumsWhite lilies and hummingbird108White lilies and hummingbirdjapanese anemone24japanese anemone