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Castel Gandolfo gardens108Castel Gandolfo gardensplanter108planterDorset cob35Dorset cobBotanical garden, Eze252Botanical garden, Ezeeven flowers get the blues...35even flowers get the blues...anemones35anemoneschrysanthemum coronarium35chrysanthemum coronariumAlpine mouse ear35Alpine mouse earRed poppies54Red poppiesmany shades of green112many shades of greensummer roses108summer roseshoop petticoat daffodils35hoop petticoat daffodilslavender field35lavender fieldAubrieta (gardener's bonus)20Aubrieta (gardener's bonus)Purple hortensia for Artytype35Purple hortensia for Artytypewild carrot (Daucus carota)108wild carrot (Daucus carota)Lewisia48Lewisiawaterflower35waterflowerthe bottom of the garden108the bottom of the gardeninstant sunshine35instant sunshine