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colorful (1947)
painting (1787)
art (1600)
flowers (1150)
landscape (1144)
abstract (1097)
houses (739)
paintings (496)
trees (438)
animals (383)
cat (339)
house (337)
fabric (324)
sea (320)
potw (298)
people (269)
quilts (251)
ocean (241)
nature (239)

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naive art landscape210naive art landscapeceramic tile110ceramic tilea sunny corner208a sunny cornerRothenburg of the deaf108Rothenburg of the deafcolourful country108colourful countryprovençal harvest210provençal harvestTrish Burr needle painting252Trish Burr needle paintingdanish houses35danish housesQuebec, Louise Marion110Quebec, Louise Marionsummer on lake Como112summer on lake ComoMichel Rauscher210Michel RauscherRêve de Provence, Jean-Pierre Borderie252Rêve de Provence, Jean-Pierre BorderieWissemburg209Wissemburgbonheur du soir, Muriel Cayet110bonheur du soir, Muriel Cayetbright houses110bright housesQuebec252QuebecBergen108Bergenfull moon208full moonRugen island35Rugen islandstreet70street