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paintings for sale108paintings for saleKees Kooy 2108Kees Kooy 2houses on the hill (artwork for the game 'old man's journey')110houses on the hill (artwork for the game 'old man's journey')Houses and street, O. Guglielmi110Houses and street, O. Guglielmireturning to Ria Maggore, P. Jorgensen110returning to Ria Maggore, P. Jorgensena fine balance, Lebo110a fine balance, LeboMurano, Maxine Schreiber110Murano, Maxine Schreiberthe flower carrier, Diego Rivera110the flower carrier, Diego Riverafisherman110fishermanCuban house, E. Alonso108Cuban house, E. Alonsostill life110still lifeProvence landscape, Stefan Silvestru108Provence landscape, Stefan SilvestruGeorges Seurat108Georges Seuratseaside village112seaside villagethe wave110the waveFernando Llort110Fernando Llortgarden birds110garden birdsstar-gazer tree108star-gazer treeDragutin Kovacic110Dragutin Kovacicrainy day blues108rainy day blues