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Fernando Llort210Fernando Llortpuppet theatre, Sofia Ramselaar252puppet theatre, Sofia Ramselaarpurely abstract252purely abstractFritz Pielstick252Fritz PielstickCerca del agua, Felix Murillo210Cerca del agua, Felix MurilloSofia Ramselaar252Sofia RamselaarHeather Galler252Heather Gallerhappy town252happy towntime zones252time zonesExpression, Denyse Dar252Expression, Denyse Darduck in the flowers210duck in the flowersthe seven frogs by adriansalamandre252the seven frogs by adriansalamandrefolk art flowers252folk art flowerspodular manifestation, Xavi252podular manifestation, Xavipaint flow252paint flowKeith Haring252Keith Haringsunset on the sea252sunset on the seafish, Vincent Gibeaux252fish, Vincent Gibeauxelephant, Reina Cottier208elephant, Reina Cottierblue/red landscape252blue/red landscape