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bolga baskets110bolga basketsBoomerangs112BoomerangsByrne's Spiral, Beth Nufer210Byrne's Spiral, Beth NuferOaxacan alejibres110Oaxacan alejibreshandcraft supplies252handcraft suppliesrainsticks35rainsticksNatalia Manley210Natalia Manleystained glass with lions252stained glass with lionsstained glass208stained glassbig flowers, Erin Curet209big flowers, Erin CuretTianguis Domingo Ramos, Mexico110Tianguis Domingo Ramos, Mexicotalavera tiles from Puebla, Mexico252talavera tiles from Puebla, Mexicoquilled flower, Erin Curet252quilled flower, Erin CuretShannon's perfect tree by littlecircles (deviantart)252Shannon's perfect tree by littlecircles (deviantart)Glass flowers112Glass flowersenamel flower plate252enamel flower platetemari balls110temari ballsCandles209CandlesBags110Bagspaper flowers40paper flowers