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by the sea252by the seaboats, Alfred Gockel210boats, Alfred Gockelyachts, Paolo Fumagalli252yachts, Paolo Fumagallisea scene252sea sceneRope and buoy, Paul Bursnall36Rope and buoy, Paul Bursnallwaiting for the tide108waiting for the tidepirate ship108pirate shipNaoussa harbour, Paros108Naoussa harbour, Paroslow tide at Mevagissey252low tide at MevagisseyChateau d'Oleron35Chateau d'Oleronsailing at Tuck's point110sailing at Tuck's pointHarbour, Paul Bursnall210Harbour, Paul Bursnallboats at Collioure, Philippe Nivez108boats at Collioure, Philippe Nivezon the quay252on the quayfishing boats, Malta112fishing boats, Maltaboats in harbour, Cassis35boats in harbour, CassisFamily holidays110Family holidaysCobh252CobhDinghy, Shelly Burge (photo Quilt Inspiration)110Dinghy, Shelly Burge (photo Quilt Inspiration)Boats in Nepal108Boats in Nepal