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St.Tropez110St.Tropezsailing in Nantucket35sailing in NantucketFloating market, Curacao35Floating market, CuracaoCanoes70Canoesoyster shacks, Fort Royer35oyster shacks, Fort Royersailing, Kees Kooy110sailing, Kees KooySafety cove, Graham Herbert252Safety cove, Graham HerbertKees Kooy 2108Kees Kooy 2seaside, Kees Kooy110seaside, Kees Kooysomewhere in Malaya35somewhere in Malayanight sailing110night sailingNyksund108NyksundMini-europe, Nyhavn35Mini-europe, Nyhavncoastal village210coastal villageHarbour days209Harbour daysrowing boats108rowing boatsboats35boatsfishing boats, Hong-kong108fishing boats, Hong-konghouses and row-boats255houses and row-boatsharbour110harbour