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Words to specify: +colourful +'folk +art' +abstract +painting +'street +fabric +mandala +houses +circles

by Eugene Andolsek252by Eugene Andolsekcolourful country252colourful countrycompass star quilt210compass star quiltTenby daffs, D. Spencer Davies252Tenby daffs, D. Spencer Daviescomplex cat255complex catgarden mosaïc209garden mosaïcby Small and Simple Things252by Small and Simple Thingsfields of Provence, Silvia Pavlova228fields of Provence, Silvia Pavlovasimple shapes252simple shapesdigital mandala art208digital mandala artcircular design252circular designlight my cells 1, Virginie Gosselin209light my cells 1, Virginie Gosselinconfusion, Ellen Groll252confusion, Ellen Grollstreet-art supplies209street-art suppliescity pressure, Mimi Revencu252city pressure, Mimi RevencuFatima Aijou208Fatima Aijoumosaïc by Judy Carroll255mosaïc by Judy CarrollFossils208Fossilsarabesque255arabesqueGeorges Robert@Trebor studio252Georges Robert@Trebor studio