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L'été Indien, Claude Théberge208L'été Indien, Claude ThébergeThree Peaks, Anita Skinner252Three Peaks, Anita Skinnergeometric art252geometric arthouses, Peter Karas210houses, Peter KarasMetallic paint210Metallic paintabstract209abstractStoryteller, Britto210Storyteller, Brittostorrm on the mountain, Mamani-Mamani252storrm on the mountain, Mamani-Mamaniin the park210in the parkbloom, Fred Tomaselli252bloom, Fred Tomasellispring morning, Salvo210spring morning, Salvocolourful town252colourful townsleepy hollow210sleepy hollowsummer flowers210summer flowersmediterranean garden209mediterranean gardenThe patchwork village, Tiffany Budd208The patchwork village, Tiffany Buddcircles abstract252circles abstracton safari209on safarilake cottages252lake cottagesabstract252abstract