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landscape (1087)
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cat (315)
sea (299)
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people (257)
quilts (253)
ocean (241)
nature (239)

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Words to specify: +colourful +quilts +quilt +patchwork +mandala +flowers +abstract +art

Harlequinn tapestry210Harlequinn tapestrylittle house36little houseRhapsody detail210Rhapsody detailthe medina, Agadir108the medina, Agadirmarine fabric print209marine fabric printcolourburst print210colourburst printlotus quilt252lotus quiltBandana255Bandanatie-dye star252tie-dye startie-dyed silk210tie-dyed silkcollective quilting job252collective quilting jobFabric collage110Fabric collagebatik252batikmandala print252mandala printhand-woven252hand-wovenbolts of fabric110bolts of fabricafrican batik fabric252african batik fabricharlequinn tapestry210harlequinn tapestryConfetti wall quilt, Cindy Griselda110Confetti wall quilt, Cindy Griseldarainbow silk255rainbow silk