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painting (1606)
colorful (1586)
art (1520)
flowers (1108)
landscape (1086)
abstract (1028)
houses (685)
paintings (497)
trees (429)
animals (375)
fabric (320)
house (319)
cat (312)
sea (298)
potw (296)
people (256)
quilts (253)
ocean (241)
nature (239)

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Words to specify: +colourful +quilts +quilt +patchwork +mandala +flowers +abstract

Rhapsody detail210Rhapsody detailmarine fabric print209marine fabric printcolourburst print210colourburst printlotus quilt252lotus quiltBandana255Bandanatie-dye star252tie-dye startie-dyed silk210tie-dyed silkcollective quilting job252collective quilting jobbatik252batikmandala print252mandala printhand-woven252hand-wovenafrican batik fabric252african batik fabricharlequinn tapestry210harlequinn tapestryrainbow silk255rainbow silkcolor play, Gabriele Latz210color play, Gabriele Latzneedle felting by Stacy Polson252needle felting by Stacy Polsonover and under210over and undertribal print208tribal printdrawn by pantograph252drawn by pantographretro fabric208retro fabric