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16 results for colorful fabric quilts

colours unfurled, Maria Shell252colours unfurled, Maria Shellportrait of Harriet Tubman108portrait of Harriet TubmanGypsy kisses210Gypsy kissesm-eye quilt, Maria Shell252m-eye quilt, Maria Shellhappy owls cot quilt110happy owls cot quiltArt quilt210Art quiltcrazy quilt252crazy quiltcreative patchwork210creative patchworkcolourful quilting252colourful quiltingMasako Sanada quilt210Masako Sanada quiltdoors quilt208doors quiltSun Glory, Susan Rienzo252Sun Glory, Susan Rienzoquilt detail110quilt detailMasako Sanada quilt252Masako Sanada quilthand sewn110hand sewnBrilliant beauties of joy108Brilliant beauties of joy