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small harbour35small harboursailing in Nantucket35sailing in NantucketFloating market, Curacao35Floating market, Curacaoboats in Brest harbour35boats in Brest harbourCanoes70CanoesChania, Crete70Chania, Creteoyster shacks, Fort Royer35oyster shacks, Fort Royersomewhere in Malaya35somewhere in Malayalake Louise35lake LouiseOld wooden boats35Old wooden boatsMini-europe, Nyhavn35Mini-europe, NyhavnDakar35Dakarboats35boatsIndonesian traditional boats35Indonesian traditional boatsLofoten islands70Lofoten islandslakeside cabin70lakeside cabinVenice backwaters36Venice backwatersRope and buoy, Paul Bursnall36Rope and buoy, Paul Bursnallcoming in to Capri35coming in to CapriChateau d'Oleron35Chateau d'Oleron