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stone-balancing24stone-balancingDiriyah festival35Diriyah festivalstone fish35stone fishin the country35in the countrypeaceful landscape40peaceful landscapestriped cat36striped catunderwater fireworks, Brandon Rollin63underwater fireworks, Brandon Rollinfused glass vases60fused glass vaseship-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'am35hip-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'amart nouveau facade35art nouveau facadeRecorders36Recorderschameleon36chameleonowl20owljaguar36jaguarearth in a knot72earth in a knotPainel cats35Painel catsround the table36round the tablethe Kelpies, Falkirk70the Kelpies, Falkirkwindowbox30windowboxlacquer boxes by Yamada Heiando35lacquer boxes by Yamada Heiando