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becoming borealis252becoming borealisfused glass vases60fused glass vaseship-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'am35hip-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'amPhoenix rising209Phoenix risinghappiness mandala252happiness mandalain perspective110in perspectiveabstract108abstractLaurie Mika mosaic252Laurie Mika mosaicblown glass210blown glasslife is better with dogs, C.Jones108life is better with dogs, C.JonesBruce Riley resin art252Bruce Riley resin artpretty horse108pretty horseIllustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex Berdysheff110Illustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex Berdyshefftapestry with faces210tapestry with faceswind sculpture, Manrique110wind sculpture, Manriquedoodle with lotus252doodle with lotusdigital flower110digital flowerJeanne Rhea252Jeanne Rheapoly clay210poly claykoru 2210koru 2