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Eastgate street, Chester112Eastgate street, Chestergraph-paper art255graph-paper artBurano revisited112Burano revisitedking of the beasts, Jane Perkins255king of the beasts, Jane Perkinspeaceful landscape40peaceful landscapeKorea (change the background colour?)208Korea (change the background colour?)digital butterfly252digital butterflypaired colours289paired coloursflower patterns255flower patternswallpaper252wallpaperintricate patterns252intricate patternsstriped cat36striped catmandalas252mandalasThomas Hedger graphics110Thomas Hedger graphicscolour in motion208colour in motionmosaic300mosaicpolyp, Betty Busby252polyp, Betty Busbybig flowers252big flowersDavid Gerstein sculpture108David Gerstein sculptureFrax108Frax