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paired colours289paired coloursflower patterns255flower patternswallpaper252wallpaperintricate patterns252intricate patternsmandalas252mandalascolour in motion208colour in motionmosaic300mosaicbig flowers252big flowersglitter glass210glitter glassflower print208flower printneedle felting by Stacy Polson252needle felting by Stacy Polsonbecoming borealis252becoming borealisPhoenix rising209Phoenix risinghappiness mandala252happiness mandalaLaurie Mika mosaic252Laurie Mika mosaicblown glass210blown glassBruce Riley resin art252Bruce Riley resin arttapestry with faces210tapestry with facesdoodle with lotus252doodle with lotusJeanne Rhea252Jeanne Rhea