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meeting of minds110meeting of mindsbutterfly, Bella Sharkova110butterfly, Bella Sharkovafine rooster110fine roostersurfboard art, Zachary Bennet-Brook110surfboard art, Zachary Bennet-Brookcontrast110contrastautumn collage110autumn collagemandalas108mandalaslayered space110layered spaceenamel and filigree110enamel and filigreeVenice110Veniceblotter sheet110blotter sheetFabric collage110Fabric collagehorses by Laurel Burch110horses by Laurel Burchthe butterfly effect, Juan Aguirre110the butterfly effect, Juan Aguirreparrot108parrotBurano revisited112Burano revisitedThomas Hedger graphics110Thomas Hedger graphicsDavid Gerstein sculpture108David Gerstein sculptureFrax108Fraxstained glass art108stained glass art