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iguana35iguanasocial distance36social distancelighthouse49lighthousenautilus35nautilusDiriyah festival35Diriyah festivalstone fish35stone fishin the country35in the countrypeaceful landscape40peaceful landscapestriped cat36striped catunderwater fireworks, Brandon Rollin63underwater fireworks, Brandon Rollinfused glass vases60fused glass vaseschameleon36chameleonPainel cats35Painel catsround the table36round the tablewindowbox30windowboxBob on a scooter, Alan Rogers35Bob on a scooter, Alan RogersLollipop trees36Lollipop treessculptures by Niki de St.Phalle72sculptures by Niki de St.PhalleSpringtime Celebration (with bottle caps)30Springtime Celebration (with bottle caps)Mondrian's cat, Connie Griner36Mondrian's cat, Connie Griner