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linear hands35linear handsmodern african art80modern african artpainted seashell20painted seashellloops48loopschameleon, Phil Lewis35chameleon, Phil Lewisrainsticks35rainsticksPolish folk art36Polish folk artRajasthan, Marc Legris35Rajasthan, Marc Legrisstill life, Xavier Portilla35still life, Xavier Portillaquilling by Yulia Brodskaya48quilling by Yulia Brodskayabright landscape35bright landscapeSunset bay35Sunset baykoala35koalaQuilling time...35Quilling time...Quilled paper art48Quilled paper artmemories of summer63memories of summerminimalist landscape35minimalist landscapeHappy summer!40Happy summer!Spring blossom, Terry Aske quilt36Spring blossom, Terry Aske quiltWe can share, Tom Fedro90We can share, Tom Fedro