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by Eugene Andolsek252by Eugene Andolsekcomplex cat255complex catby Small and Simple Things252by Small and Simple Thingssimple shapes252simple shapesdigital mandala art208digital mandala artFossils208Fossilsarabesque255arabesquefine rooster110fine roosterGeorges Robert@Trebor studio252Georges Robert@Trebor studiosummer zentangle255summer zentanglecut-paper citrus252cut-paper citruscolourful circles252colourful circlessurfboard art, Zachary Bennet-Brook110surfboard art, Zachary Bennet-BrookDiriyah festival35Diriyah festivalIntersection curves, Stephen Conroy210Intersection curves, Stephen Conroygroovy owl255groovy owlpetal pattern255petal patternancient mosque mosaic255ancient mosque mosaicglazed spheres208glazed spheresillusion210illusion