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1449 puzzles tagged art
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Fabric collage110Fabric collageferrofluid experiment, Fabian Oefner252ferrofluid experiment, Fabian OefnerCalligraffiti252Calligraffitihorses by Laurel Burch110horses by Laurel Burchrainbow fractal210rainbow fractalSierpinski triangles252Sierpinski trianglesblue mosaic108blue mosaicRed admiral, Kevin Bandee208Red admiral, Kevin Bandeebucolic108bucolicfish all the way252fish all the wayvibrational field, Richard Elliott255vibrational field, Richard Elliottthe butterfly effect, Juan Aguirre110the butterfly effect, Juan Aguirreperfect peace209perfect peaceday of the dead255day of the deadparrot108parrotEastgate street, Chester112Eastgate street, Chestergraph-paper art255graph-paper artBurano revisited112Burano revisitedking of the beasts, Jane Perkins255king of the beasts, Jane Perkinspeaceful landscape40peaceful landscape