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220 puzzles tagged architecture
Tags to specify: +cotswolds +columns +roof +houses +church +religion +castle +colourful

Wooden door40Wooden doorThe Cockpit, London35The Cockpit, Londonabstract architecture252abstract architecturea Brooklyn subway, Len Cicio209a Brooklyn subway, Len CicioAit ben Haddou, Morocco70Ait ben Haddou, Moroccothe arsenal , Venice. Joseph Costa@pixabay108the arsenal , Venice. Joseph Costa@pixabayart nouveau facade35art nouveau facadeChateau de Pierrefonds35Chateau de Pierrefondsunder City Hall, Len Cicio108under City Hall, Len CicioMiyajima torii70Miyajima toriichic shutters28chic shuttersTower Bridge108Tower BridgeAntananarivo houses35Antananarivo housesSagrada Familia interior209Sagrada Familia interiorSamarkand70Samarkandchurch in Cyprus70church in Cyprusblue mosque70blue mosqueMoritzburg110Moritzburgroof of Bell Harry tower, Canterbury cathedral210roof of Bell Harry tower, Canterbury cathedralterracotta house, Leyva45terracotta house, Leyva