colourful 2853×
art 1484×
flowers 772×
landscape 751×
abstract 680×
painting 536×
houses 439×
paintings 430×
trees 354×
animals 293×
ocean 244×
potw 241×
cat 221×
fabric 212×
quilts 211×
nature 193×
architecture 190×
people 170×
lake 165×
fractal 163×

293 puzzles tagged animals

waiting24waitinga patou leading his flock35a patou leading his flocksun and sea urchin208sun and sea urchinStar horseshoe worm on coral112Star horseshoe worm on coralcollie pup35collie pupthe tale of the snapper, Warren Pohatu108the tale of the snapper, Warren PohatuIditarod, the great race35Iditarod, the great raceYuri Kabisher108Yuri Kabisherz is for zebra...70z is for zebra...just relaxing35just relaxingall friends210all friendstoys108toysThe Dance40The DanceCat's cradle28Cat's cradlenight in the forest108night in the forestMaine coon kitten30Maine coon kittendoodle252doodleOkuda San Miguel110Okuda San Miguelfine hen88fine hennot only wild, downright furious!48not only wild, downright furious!