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Ordovician nautiloid eating a trilobite252Ordovician nautiloid eating a trilobitegiraffe family35giraffe familywoman with a cup, Fauve de Chavanne110woman with a cup, Fauve de ChavanneMud season110Mud seasonFossils208Fossilsdid we always live in a cage, Mom?30did we always live in a cage, Mom?I fell out of my tree!25I fell out of my tree!roaring lesson24roaring lessonwinter illustration, Philip Giordano208winter illustration, Philip GiordanoThe Ark208The Arktigers by Catherine Musnier81tigers by Catherine Musniercurious cows28curious cowsmidsummer foxes, Helen Musselwhite210midsummer foxes, Helen Musselwhiteworld cheetah day28world cheetah daywolf in the roost252wolf in the roostChip and Dale, Fredi Gertsch108Chip and Dale, Fredi GertschMargie Crisp208Margie Crispsummer208summerlone traveller24lone travelleryoung friends35young friends