colourful (3875)
art (1424)
painting (1303)
colorful (1058)
flowers (1001)
landscape (970)
abstract (924)
houses (600)
paintings (496)
trees (403)
animals (344)
fabric (292)
cat (277)
house (277)
potw (260)
sea (254)
quilts (253)
ocean (241)
people (238)
architecture (220)

344 puzzles tagged animals
Tags to specify: +'original +work' +colourful +handcrafts +monkeys +cats +cat

Welsh corgi puppy12Welsh corgi puppyfirst steps20first stepsin the desert252in the desertfeeling wistful today20feeling wistful todaymudpuppy underwater252mudpuppy underwaterin the hay32in the haymy best snarky look70my best snarky lookvalley of Tishnar, Dahlov Ipcar108valley of Tishnar, Dahlov Ipcarplay with me?35play with me?horses70horsesdown at the pond30down at the pondbabysitter12babysittersympathetic zebra, S.Mysicka108sympathetic zebra, S.Mysickamusical insects35musical insectslife on earth252life on earthDubai mural252Dubai muralowl and company210owl and companyjaguar36jaguartravelling on, Jackie Morris108travelling on, Jackie Morrisghosts, Lila Kalogeri110ghosts, Lila Kalogeri