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geometric flower, Steve Conroy210geometric flower, Steve ConroyReverie210ReverieRadiating252RadiatingAutophagie, David Goodsell210Autophagie, David GoodsellRiogrande, Adolph Wölfli252Riogrande, Adolph Wölfligeometric background209geometric backgroundover and under210over and underabstract108abstractBauhaus210Bauhausspots before the eyes208spots before the eyesabstract252abstractabstract architecture252abstract architecturemillefiori glass210millefiori glassJulien Raynaud210Julien RaynaudBruce Riley resin art252Bruce Riley resin artabstract252abstractgarden of memory208garden of memoryAustralian art210Australian artpatterns255patternsIllustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex Berdysheff110Illustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex Berdysheff