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abstract geometry108abstract geometrytravellers110travellerscogs and gears108cogs and gearsking tide110king tideThe Bays, Ornella Imber110The Bays, Ornella Imberwoman and peacock, Baya108woman and peacock, Bayacolourful abstract108colourful abstractcoral108coraltropical colours110tropical colourswoven108wovenintersections110intersectionsIllustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex Berdysheff110Illustration for an nonexistent tale, Alex BerdysheffMozambique, Tom Barnes110Mozambique, Tom BarnesEl globo rojo, Paul Klee110El globo rojo, Paul Kleeabstract110abstractRex Ray110Rex Rayrunning motor108running motorAbstract shapes110Abstract shapesAl Held110Al Heldmoving colours110moving colours