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potw (296)
people (256)
quilts (253)
ocean (241)
nature (239)

35 results for abstract circles
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Microcosmos, Jeanne Rhea252Microcosmos, Jeanne RheaIn the desert, Marianne Burr252In the desert, Marianne Burrbright pattern300bright patternSusan Gainen252Susan Gainenwheels108wheelsrevolution, Robin Gausebeck204revolution, Robin Gausebeckpaint drops, Markus Linnenbrink300paint drops, Markus LinnenbrinkMarco Braun210Marco BraunNew England Quilt Show 2011252New England Quilt Show 2011Keiko Takahashi252Keiko Takahashicrayon colours208crayon coloursKenophobia detail, Robbi Joy Eklow300Kenophobia detail, Robbi Joy Eklowdancing with the wind, Freydoon Rassouli255dancing with the wind, Freydoon RassouliKenophobia, Robbi joy Elkow255Kenophobia, Robbi joy ElkowPerspective252Perspective