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colourful shapes252colourful shapesart in class252art in classbeautiful nature108beautiful natureabstract208abstractSpirograph spheres255Spirograph spheresgeometric art252geometric artdigital art252digital artMetallic paint210Metallic paintcompass quilt, Teri Cherne210compass quilt, Teri Cherneabstract209abstractcircles252circlesFred Tomaselli collage210Fred Tomaselli collagestorrm on the mountain, Mamani-Mamani252storrm on the mountain, Mamani-MamaniFluorescent acrylic rods210Fluorescent acrylic rodsbloom, Fred Tomaselli252bloom, Fred Tomaselliink-blot confetti210ink-blot confettidigital art208digital artswirl108swirlmicrobes252microbescircles abstract252circles abstract