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house in the fjords35house in the fjordsfish210fishremnants of the day, Louise Noel252remnants of the day, Louise Noelintersections110intersectionsunderwater fireworks, Brandon Rollin63underwater fireworks, Brandon Rollinin the deep, Annet Raben252in the deep, Annet Rabenflowers210flowersthe Lake District108the Lake Districtfree fall110free fallAsparagus35AsparagusKoi pond209Koi pondbecoming borealis252becoming borealisheartland, Megan Duncanson110heartland, Megan Duncansonfused glass vases60fused glass vaseship-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'am35hip-hip-hurrah, happy birthday ma'amJulien Raynaud252Julien RaynaudPhoenix rising209Phoenix risingAh, poppies!35Ah, poppies!geometric flower, Steve Conroy210geometric flower, Steve ConroyRio252Rio