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abstract255abstractflower print208flower printgeometric ackground108geometric ackgroundfrom the garden70from the gardena gaggle of goslings35a gaggle of goslingsneedle felting by Stacy Polson252needle felting by Stacy Polsondigital mandala209digital mandalahard edge art110hard edge artpeace in the town, J.Piermattéo110peace in the town, J.Piermattéoa bedtime story30a bedtime storyThree roses210Three rosestime-lapse battle252time-lapse battlecarved beads108carved beadsquilted hanging110quilted hangingflower cat30flower cathouse in the fjords35house in the fjordsfish210fishremnants of the day, Louise Noel252remnants of the day, Louise Noelintersections110intersectionsunderwater fireworks, Brandon Rollin63underwater fireworks, Brandon Rollin