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1936 Lagonda LG45R241936 Lagonda LG45Rfolk art cats210folk art catsabstract255abstractnow for a year's holiday!15now for a year's holiday!Cats cradle quilt108Cats cradle quiltstreet art by Nasti35street art by Nastiwillow pattern210willow patternpetal pattern255petal patternNew Orleans french quarter108New Orleans french quarterlavender and hayfields108lavender and hayfieldsNew Year's Eve party36New Year's Eve partyancient mosque mosaic255ancient mosque mosaicglazed spheres208glazed spheresFireworks for 2020110Fireworks for 2020Teheran, Pahviz Kalantari108Teheran, Pahviz KalantariHappy new year!36Happy new year!the poker game, Marlina Vera252the poker game, Marlina Veraillusion210illusionthree girls, Franck Ayrolles110three girls, Franck AyrollesThe point, Heather Lovat-Fraser70The point, Heather Lovat-Fraser