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country road108country roadcottage garden, Suzanne Claveau108cottage garden, Suzanne Claveausailing in Nantucket35sailing in Nantucketantique tiles, Morocco255antique tiles, Moroccosummer zentangle255summer zentanglestreet art, Aruba209street art, Arubadutch windmill108dutch windmillsunrise110sunriseGarden35Gardenpomegranates209pomegranatescut-paper citrus252cut-paper citrusnibbles110nibblesOman, l'Arabie heureuse49Oman, l'Arabie heureusecolourful circles252colourful circlesdid we always live in a cage, Mom?30did we always live in a cage, Mom?a day on the river108a day on the riverflowers on show, Wilma Barnwell110flowers on show, Wilma Barnwellbutterfly on gentian35butterfly on gentianhummingbird time, Kika Sevn210hummingbird time, Kika Sevnuniversal snake252universal snake