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art (1423)
painting (1289)
colorful (1045)
flowers (994)
landscape (966)
abstract (921)
houses (598)
paintings (496)
trees (403)
animals (344)
fabric (292)
cat (276)
house (276)
potw (260)
quilts (253)
sea (253)
ocean (241)
people (237)
architecture (220)
Balestrad, Norway108Balestrad, Norwaywild yellow cranesbill12wild yellow cranesbillcollage by Judi Magier252collage by Judi MagierAlain Bédard210Alain Bédardsun worshipers, Beverly Ash Gilbert110sun worshipers, Beverly Ash Gilbertblue cat, Rafael Rocha72blue cat, Rafael Rochathe old mill, Lower Slaughter35the old mill, Lower Slaughterscuba cat35scuba catApril showers mandala110April showers mandalatropical toucan35tropical toucanpoppy field110poppy fieldVoyage, Tanielle Childers252Voyage, Tanielle Childersseminatural, mural by Beastman255seminatural, mural by Beastmanlion in majesty209lion in majestywoven108wovenFrax108FraxThe Cockpit, London35The Cockpit, Londonin the desert252in the deserthouses210housesfamily together, Wilfredo Alicdan110family together, Wilfredo Alicdan