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on vacation!36on vacation!mosaic300mosaiccolourful mandala300colourful mandalaChania, Crete70Chania, CreteXtapodi kapnisto/smoked octopus28Xtapodi kapnisto/smoked octopusJune 6th, 1944.28June 6th, 1944.summer tree252summer treeJames Wyper abstract210James Wyper abstractCuban interior, Greg Irvine110Cuban interior, Greg Irvinedance with the moon110dance with the moonsmart door35smart door'fauxsaïc' detali, Amy Fortier252'fauxsaïc' detali, Amy Fortiera little bird told me...36a little bird told me...Welsh corgi puppy12Welsh corgi puppyall on a summer's day252all on a summer's dayred bicycle, Alain Bédard108red bicycle, Alain BédardWooden door40Wooden doorfirst steps20first stepslovers time, Anna Wach252lovers time, Anna Wachtree, Carla Bank210tree, Carla Bank