flowers35flowersPapaya70Papayatulips and yellow roses48tulips and yellow rosesnew thatch35new thatchFruit35Fruitbike by the fence35bike by the fencegarden gnome77garden gnomelittle gardeners72little gardenerspop-up flowers card35pop-up flowers cardLadies day at Ascot35Ladies day at Ascotpepper 'doux des Landes'36pepper 'doux des Landes'waiting24waitingflower garlands35flower garlandsHakone open-air museum35Hakone open-air museumlinear hands35linear handscolours of Roussillon35colours of Roussillona good start to the day35a good start to the dayHuichol bead skull35Huichol bead skullthe cat and the cream35the cat and the creamCat's cradle28Cat's cradle