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97 puzzles tagged potw

three generations family!30three generations family!It's Friday:Don't forget about global warming, pollution...30It's Friday:Don't forget about global warming, pollution...Clouds can be shiny too!!!15Clouds can be shiny too!!!cloudy inside too...+()+15cloudy inside too...+()+What's the weather like today?Don't forget GW..6What's the weather like today?Don't forget GW..Swedish lapland stefan rieger rainbow lake35Swedish lapland stefan rieger rainbow lakeMy favorite mountain bird28My favorite mountain birdMy favorite local street artist: WAR24My favorite local street artist: WARBip bip12Bip bipCan they be considered as birds??60Can they be considered as birds??Worked really hard those few days!!24Worked really hard those few days!!Milky way..24Milky way..We are small!28We are small!sheherazade will tell you a story...60sheherazade will tell you a story...Who will turn into a swan?42Who will turn into a swan?And now kiss the frog!!28And now kiss the frog!!MONT SAINT MICHEL! INDEED!30MONT SAINT MICHEL! INDEED!where my son wants to go : Milano!!50where my son wants to go : Milano!!It has to be London....35It has to be London....27 years ago I was there..9627 years ago I was there..