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65 puzzles tagged potw

Teach me how to fly!!28Teach me how to fly!!resolution2019:eat as much chocolate28resolution2019:eat as much chocolateResolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!20Resolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!resolution2019:I'll try to be an angel;)24resolution2019:I'll try to be an angel;)Enjoy your week end20Enjoy your week endsigh40sighso far from me.....40so far from me.....a bit of star in your hands15a bit of star in your handsMake a wish (or more..)25Make a wish (or more..)a new pair of walking shoes!!20a new pair of walking shoes!!Shopping in 'les galeries Lafayette'!60Shopping in 'les galeries Lafayette'!We love fruit!48We love fruit!WAKE UP!!!30WAKE UP!!!please don't use fireworks indoors!24please don't use fireworks indoors!rainbow powder63rainbow powderHalloween meal!!60Halloween meal!!Halloween buffet20Halloween buffetThe message is on the cake;)))35The message is on the cake;)))Let him prepare our favorite food!!!20Let him prepare our favorite food!!!What one of the twins would love to eat...42What one of the twins would love to eat...