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Words to specify: +méheut +mathurin +austrian +rennes +hundertwasser +rivière +bretagne +lima +mural

traditional beauty70traditional beautyMy favorite local street artist: WAR24My favorite local street artist: WARAlways find a way to be closer instead of being closed15Always find a way to be closer instead of being closedWho will turn into a swan?42Who will turn into a swan?It's Friday:SAVE THE PLANET!6It's Friday:SAVE THE PLANET!poisson d'avril!!35poisson d'avril!!This is Friday:Let's protect the planet35This is Friday:Let's protect the planetNature in the future ?24Nature in the future ?Where is my mind?32Where is my mind?FREEDOM is a dream...35FREEDOM is a dream...genuine beauty84genuine beautyBig Armelle is watching you..28Big Armelle is watching you..Resolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!20Resolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!I promise never to eat cakes on mondays45I promise never to eat cakes on mondaysfor my mum...bisous maman!96for my mum...bisous maman!Oh no! It's MONDAY🤤24Oh no! It's MONDAY🤤Large interior david hockney96Large interior david hockneyStreet art in Palermo/Buenos Aires48Street art in Palermo/Buenos AiresDavid hockney garden with blue terrace70David hockney garden with blue terraceAnnexes et canots véronique gaudin72Annexes et canots véronique gaudin