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Lannion96LannionOne day...21One day...Boats near Porspoder88Boats near Porspodera bit of sun in the dark..70a bit of sun in the dark..pick and choose12pick and chooseLove this city...70Love this city...Faraway so close70Faraway so closeChateau du lude70Chateau du ludelow tide... :(((30low tide... :(((how I wish..70how I wish..Castelnaud dordogne24Castelnaud dordogneFort La Latte48Fort La LatteSaint Malo60Saint Malomissing handball48missing handballDream that can't come true77Dream that can't come truePhare de l'île vierge88Phare de l'île viergeTourte mayennaise40Tourte mayennaiseChâteau de Pierrefonds48Château de PierrefondsFinally..winter's here!42Finally..winter's here!Waiting for the storm..24Waiting for the storm..