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25 puzzles tagged dish

gratin de crozets!28gratin de crozets!What would you put in the middle?choose and tell me..6What would you put in the middle?choose and tell me..Diots au vin blanc48Diots au vin blancLet him prepare our favorite food!!!20Let him prepare our favorite food!!!Traditional Pasty Cornwall24Traditional Pasty Cornwallchicken and plum sauce63chicken and plum saucePabellón Criollo54Pabellón Criolloto eat this lovely meal77to eat this lovely mealUnknown mash:the purple thing?What is it?35Unknown mash:the purple thing?What is it?xim xim (delicious!!)32xim xim (delicious!!)Cheesecake salé tomates basilic28Cheesecake salé tomates basiliclooks like a prawn's stew? Cris?49looks like a prawn's stew? Cris?Where is the chocolate????60Where is the chocolate????Gnocchis tartiflette24Gnocchis tartifletteMoussaka54MoussakaHoumous de betterave45Houmous de betteravePaupiettes de veau24Paupiettes de veauHachis Parmentier. the twins' favorite40Hachis Parmentier. the twins' favoriteCassoulet42CassouletPolish Hunter's Stew (Bigos)35Polish Hunter's Stew (Bigos)