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50 puzzles tagged dessert
Tags to specify: +crème +tarte +whipped +apricot +caramel

Apricots are here!!joy!!40Apricots are here!!joy!!Pains au chocolat ou chocolatines..35Pains au chocolat ou chocolatines..How many will you eat???35How many will you eat???Because we're worth it...24Because we're worth it...Without rhum would it be healthier?50Without rhum would it be healthier?Poisson d'avril (April fool's day)35Poisson d'avril (April fool's day)Dessert chocolat abricot77Dessert chocolat abricotÉclair chantilly60Éclair chantillyDessert35DessertFeel like blueberry today..48Feel like blueberry today..Never cooked one..40Never cooked one..Looks delicious,I never tasted them.. a shame..40Looks delicious,I never tasted them.. a shame..For American or French gourmet:will depend on the midterms!28For American or French gourmet:will depend on the midterms!Chiffon cake40Chiffon cakeGood bye apricots!good bye summer:(35Good bye apricots!good bye summer:(Tarte à la crème à l'Alsacienne42Tarte à la crème à l'AlsacienneChaussons aux pommes60Chaussons aux pommesArroz doce ou riz au lait16Arroz doce ou riz au laitTarte bourdaloue aux poires40Tarte bourdaloue aux poiresBrioche-léopard28Brioche-léopard