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Words to specify: +honoré +whipped +crème

three layers at least!!70three layers at least!!need strawberries in our life!!48need strawberries in our life!!une petite tarte81une petite tarteAll in a glass!!35All in a glass!!a cake a day...35a cake a day...What we all need, love, care and food48What we all need, love, care and foodGood luck with staying home :/48Good luck with staying home :/a cake a day..88a cake a day..Tropézienne49Tropéziennetartes aux fruits104tartes aux fruitshidden apples...90hidden apples...Looks like a pavlova...70Looks like a pavlova...Russian delight!48Russian delight!Vive les gâteaux!!49Vive les gâteaux!!Thank you America,England,Canada,Russia,the French resistance...35Thank you America,England,Canada,Russia,the French resistance...My eyes and stomach can't believe those things60My eyes and stomach can't believe those thingsdes éclairs double saveur35des éclairs double saveurcan't live without chocolate on Fridays..48can't live without chocolate on Fridays..a mess in your stomach...54a mess in your stomach...Tartelettes aux fraises30Tartelettes aux fraises