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57 puzzles tagged cream
Tags to specify: +honoré +whipped +vacherin +crème +caramel

Russian delight!48Russian delight!Vive les gâteaux!!49Vive les gâteaux!!Thank you America,England,Canada,Russia,the French resistance...35Thank you America,England,Canada,Russia,the French resistance...My eyes and stomach can't believe those things60My eyes and stomach can't believe those thingsdes éclairs double saveur35des éclairs double saveurcan't live without chocolate on Fridays..48can't live without chocolate on Fridays..a mess in your stomach...54a mess in your stomach...Tartelettes aux fraises30Tartelettes aux fraisesWithout rhum would it be healthier?50Without rhum would it be healthier?Dessert chocolat abricot77Dessert chocolat abricotÉclair chantilly60Éclair chantillyFeel like blueberry today..48Feel like blueberry today..I know you must be fed up with cakes..35I know you must be fed up with cakes..Le gâteau, le gâteau, le gâteau!!48Le gâteau, le gâteau, le gâteau!!Gateau banane kiwi40Gateau banane kiwiBon appétit..30Bon appétit..Awful healthy food:I loathe spinach:((25Awful healthy food:I loathe spinach:((gratin de crozets!28gratin de crozets!Foot or log I wonder...;)80Foot or log I wonder...;)cavities on the way too...60cavities on the way too...