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Words to specify: +torta +whipped

Strawberry and chocolate cake40Strawberry and chocolate cakechocolate and fruit cake (healthier?)60chocolate and fruit cake (healthier?)Even I have a stomach ache now..40Even I have a stomach ache now..resolution2019:eat as much chocolate28resolution2019:eat as much chocolatetarta de galletas y dulce de leche48tarta de galletas y dulce de lecheBon appétit..30Bon appétit..could not behave myself24could not behave myselfDream48DreamFoot or log I wonder...;)80Foot or log I wonder...;)cavities on the way too...60cavities on the way too...une petite bûche... 7 days to go28une petite bûche... 7 days to goOn monday everything is ALLOWED24On monday everything is ALLOWED21 days to go...9621 days to go...23 days to wait!!!!!!2423 days to wait!!!!!!The message is on the cake;)))35The message is on the cake;)))cake for rabbits!36cake for rabbits!while listening to music:Eat some cake!!!40while listening to music:Eat some cake!!!Gâteau à la mousse au chocolat35Gâteau à la mousse au chocolatone slice left...56one slice left...Brioche-léopard28Brioche-léopard