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32 puzzles tagged chocolate

while listening to music:Eat some cake!!!40while listening to music:Eat some cake!!!Gâteau à la mousse au chocolat35Gâteau à la mousse au chocolatone slice left...56one slice left...Brioche-léopard28Brioche-léopardkilo:1 diet:0 swimmingsuit:minus ten ;)45kilo:1 diet:0 swimmingsuit:minus ten ;)Petits fours15Petits foursSemifrio-de-coco-e-leite-condensado35Semifrio-de-coco-e-leite-condensadoMore slices for everyone.. bon appétit35More slices for everyone.. bon appétitEating.. our favourite hobby!!48Eating.. our favourite hobby!!Chocolat paques28Chocolat paquesdans les oeufs?Brownies!24dans les oeufs?Brownies!Cupcakes oeufs au plat24Cupcakes oeufs au platEaster charlotte25Easter charlotteAfter the 'hunt', the cake!!!48After the 'hunt', the cake!!!I saved a slice for you!Welcome back miss N25I saved a slice for you!Welcome back miss Nto avoid before the summer diet:(49to avoid before the summer diet:(Gâteau-seconde-fondant-au-chocolat28Gâteau-seconde-fondant-au-chocolatCandice Brown's Black Forest Gateau48Candice Brown's Black Forest GateauEvery one NEEDS banana split24Every one NEEDS banana splitHot chocolate for two28Hot chocolate for two