food (240)
bretagne (64)
cake (63)
colourful (63)
potw (42)
art (40)
cream (30)
dessert (30)
green (29)
chocolate (28)
landscape (28)
the (28)
france (25)
sea (24)
auvergne (23)
painting (22)
tradition (22)
fruit (21)
nature (21)
building (20)

20 puzzles tagged building

chapelle sainte Anne20chapelle sainte Annechez Roger- Loudenvielle20chez Roger- LoudenvielleCold today...20Cold today...very curly?48very curly?never went to Troyes(near the champagne bottles!)80never went to Troyes(near the champagne bottles!)Ouro preto28Ouro pretoPhotographer or Selfie?28Photographer or Selfie?Printemps...35Printemps...Spring in Colmar, Alsace40Spring in Colmar, Alsacehave a pint with you!48have a pint with you!hot and no clouds in the sky28hot and no clouds in the skyChoose your weather!!60Choose your weather!!Picture of the day:sunny in Rennes😍24Picture of the day:sunny in Rennes😍Stacked Hong kong building24Stacked Hong kong buildingMr & Mrs 'Statues',show your back in Orsay.no fog there70Mr & Mrs 'Statues',show your back in Orsay.no fog thereThe sun sets in Rennes sometimes35The sun sets in Rennes sometimesPeekaboo!!63Peekaboo!!to visit chicago without snow!77to visit chicago without snow!Snow cusset presles28Snow cusset preslesParlement de Bretagne140Parlement de Bretagne