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colourful (93)
art (83)
chocolate (65)
bretagne (62)
landscape (59)
cream (57)
france (51)
dessert (50)
woman (48)
fruit (45)
red (40)
sea (40)
the (40)
green (36)
nature (36)
painting (36)
dish (33)
Choose the lagoon tea!28Choose the lagoon tea!Healthy?48Healthy?If you need a hug...15If you need a hug...Because we're worth it...24Because we're worth it...Without rhum would it be healthier?50Without rhum would it be healthier?What I do to keep fit...28What I do to keep fit...Looks healthy to me...16Looks healthy to me...Poisson d'avril (April fool's day)35Poisson d'avril (April fool's day)poisson d'avril!!35poisson d'avril!!Pastiera napoletana70Pastiera napoletanaWhere did the cake go? the kiwi asked...42Where did the cake go? the kiwi asked...Some celebrates spring weirdly:they RUN!!35Some celebrates spring weirdly:they RUN!!Fridays for future...6Fridays for future...Your treat my friend...48Your treat my friend...Spring in the plate..28Spring in the plate..What I need right now...:))60What I need right now...:))R-I-P BREXIT60R-I-P BREXITCome on board Princess Ewelina!!20Come on board Princess Ewelina!!This is Friday:Let's protect the planet35This is Friday:Let's protect the planetSorry guys I'm going to France for the weekend24Sorry guys I'm going to France for the weekend