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47 puzzles tagged animals big
Tags to specify: +beast +jaguar +beats +cats +lion +cat +amor +tiger +black +river

Sneaking-jaguar300Sneaking-jaguarbig cat with babies300big cat with babiesleopard300leopardLike-father-like-son300Like-father-like-sonbig cats289big catslions in the fight289lions in the fightjaguar300jaguartwo jaguars-love300two jaguars-loveblack jaguar300black jaguarfunny-Free kitten300funny-Free kittentiger300tigerbig cat in run300big cat in runbig cats300big catsjaguar300jaguarlion sleeping on tree289lion sleeping on treelove300lovetracking jaguar300tracking jaguarlion in a tree300lion in a treetwo jaguars in fight300two jaguars in fightblack jaguar300black jaguar