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Eurasian blue tit bird12Eurasian blue tit birdIcelandic foal12Icelandic foalPatuxai, Vientianne, Laos12Patuxai, Vientianne, LaosIndian festival of kites12Indian festival of kitesvarious pins12various pinsaster flowers12aster flowerssomewhere in Lithuania12somewhere in LithuaniaOriental dwarf kingfisher bird12Oriental dwarf kingfisher birdboar12boarGorges Dades, Morocco12Gorges Dades, Moroccoit's for me!-cake12it's for me!-cakehealthy food-olives12healthy food-olivesroses12roseslilac breasted roller bird12lilac breasted roller birdSt. Charles Borromeo Church, Antwerp, Belgium12St. Charles Borromeo Church, Antwerp, BelgiumIndian fruit vendor12Indian fruit vendorbeautiful bouquet12beautiful bouquetIcelandic landscape12Icelandic landscapeit's for me!-cupcake12it's for me!-cupcakeBaltimore oriole12Baltimore oriole