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it's for me!-Belgian chocolate12it's for me!-Belgian chocolatehealthy food-Chinese eggplant12healthy food-Chinese eggplantrose12rosedumpster12dumpsterCentral station, main hall, Antwerp, Belgium12Central station, main hall, Antwerp, Belgiumold carriage12old carriageit's for me!-candies with candle12it's for me!-candies with candlepuffin12puffinIcelandic horses12Icelandic horsesReykjavik, Iceland12Reykjavik, Icelandsomewhere in Icelanda12somewhere in Icelandacontest12contestIcelandic landscape12Icelandic landscapet's for me!-cake12t's for me!-cakeit's for me!-cake & ice cream12it's for me!-cake & ice creamhealthy food-fruit salad12healthy food-fruit saladroses12rosespink flamingo12pink flamingochameleon12chameleonSkogasafn (Skogar Folk Museum), Iceland12Skogasafn (Skogar Folk Museum), Iceland